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21 Feb 2018

Tender Love & Care

Tender Love & Care

Tender Love & Care


To keep your boots beautiful for a long time, it is important that you maintain them well. How do you do that best?

To protect the leather of your boots against moisture, dirt, and dehydration we recommend a transparent natural product. We recommend the colorless product Saphir, a natural gel based on beeswax.

A small bit of the gel is sufficient to take care of the foot of the boot. The foot can use care once every three weeks.

You do not have to treat the shaft of the boot every time, the shaft suffers less. You treat the shaft once every three months.

Apply a thin layer. If you want the leather to shine, brush it out after applying. Otherwise, an application is sufficient.

In the leather of our boots, you can see color nuances. You would like to keep these colors. Therefore use a transparent product and no colored shoe polish.

You can also apply the gel of Saphir over the stitching and embroidery.

It is possible that the embroidery will become slightly darker at first, but that will lighten up again.

When you're walking in a heavy rain with your boots, that's no problem! They can handle that well. But let them dry afterward.
Do not put the boots near the heater, when you do they'll dry too fast and the leather will harden. Put them in a cool place to dry, preferably with a tensioner or a paper plug in it.

When you've been into the woods or been to the sportsfield and there is earth and mud on your boots, let them dry and then brush the dried up dirt with a special clean shoe brush.

Then apply a thin layer of maintenance cream again.

Snow is not good for your boots. The frozen water is not harmful, but the salt that is sprinkled is. Salt leaves marks and circles on the leather that do not get out. That can also happen on the beach, the salt that is in the damp sand is harmful to the boots.

In addition to the tips above for Tender Love & Care for your boots, then resole the boots on time.

Always choose a craft shoemaker, a professional. They have machines that can stitch the new leather or rubber soles under your boots.

If you do not have a good cobbler in the area, we can help you with that. As a service, we offer you to have their boots repaired by our shoemaker. Send an email to [email protected] and inquire about the possibilities and costs.

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