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Macie Bean

The story of Macie Bean

Behind every good story is a woman who made it possible.

Born at the dawn of the 20th century, during a time when the roles of women were largely limited by the expectations set by society, Macie Bean was a product of her time and place. A respectable lady, devoted wife and loving mother, she embraced the sacred duties of making life easier for those she loved. However, the demands of the West Texas land she called home were anything but traditional.

The untamed terrains required more of its settlers, and in navigating the challenges of life in the early West, Macie adapted and acquired skills uncommon to most women of her generation. She was a strong and self-assured leader, a steady source of faith and support, and the bond that undoubtedly held the family together along the way. A torch bearer for future generations, she led by example, never asking for anything in return. The unrivaled compassion and courage demonstrated by early frontier women, like Macie, enriched the no-frills life of early ranch families and shaped a coveted heritage shared by few.
Yet, it wasn’t her name that was attributed to the family ranch, nor was her likeness used for historical tributes and famed depictions. In the storied accounts of the early American West, women are rarely included in the highlight reels of the historic tales so deeply woven into the fabric of our country and our childhood dreams.

And so, in effort to give due credit to the hard-working women behind the glory of the West—those whose sacrifices and contributions were essential to survival and success, but are so often overlooked in the pages of time—a new brand of boots emerged.

Fittingly named ‘Macie Bean,’ the brand was established in 2007 as a tribute to generations of women who are passionate about the western way of life. The brand is led by its namesake’s great-granddaughter, Jode Vaughan. Hailing from a lineage of ranchers that runs five-generations deep, Jode has an inherent appreciation for purposeful, elegant styles that last. She is proud to help carry on the legacy of strong women through her work as Chief of Design, and more importantly, as mother to her own three daughters.

The fifth brand established under the legendary Rios of Mercedes boot company, Macie Bean was built the right way on 150 years of tradition and uncompromised quality. Style-driven and comfortable, each pair of Macie Bean boots is proudly crafted in Leon, Mexico through a uniquely streamlined process that enables artisan-quality at a scalable level.

Macie Bean embodies the tenacious spirit of trailblazers who refused to settle for commonplace and celebrates those who faced uncertainty head-on with hearts full of grace when they had no other option.

Today, more than a century later, we are capable of so much more than we ever imagined possible. And the tools we choose should be equally qualified for whatever trails we choose to blaze. Accordingly, Macie Bean is more than just a brand. It’s a reflection of a richness of heritage matched by innovative design. It’s an unwavering commitment to partnerships and products that serve a bigger purpose and make a lasting difference. Because boots aren’t just something we wear—they’re a tool that should fit and serve us well on our journey to new frontiers. And each day, they’re leaving meaningful tracks for others to follow as they write their own stories.

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